From mini pants to silky slim dresses, my handpicked outfits for a chic micro wedding.

No doubt 2020 will go down in the history books as the year every bride-to-be realized how resilient it is to be. With weddings canceled and their future suspended, those who had planned to walk towards their future husband this year were forced to postpone the ceremony or reinvent them completely.

Micro weddings join the game.

While not new to the Covid-19 era, a micro wedding perfectly fits into the context of the pandemic thanks to the nature of its small size and low profile (maybe even remotely). What until a few months ago was a niche choice, has now become a need and almost a necessity for those who still want to celebrate a happy moment.

A micro wedding usually involves between ten and thirty guests and the general atmosphere is slightly more informal but no less refined or romantic. Of course, the micro wedding dress reflects this casual attitude and, as a result, opens the door to a wide range of styles.

From puff sleeve shoulders to minimal jumpsuits to silky slip dresses: options are many and all different. Take a look at the perfect dresses for a micro wedding in Italy that I have personally selected for you!