A destination wedding can be a wonderful excuse for guests to enjoy a well-deserved vacation while celebrating their favorite newlyweds.

The bride and groom are not required to host pre- and post-wedding events for the entire guest list, but if your guests have traveled far and wide to celebrate you, they probably expect to be included in all pre- and post- wedding events – and as their host, your job is to make them happy. Remember that your guests have taken planes, trains and cars specifically to reach you and see you getting married. Make the journey of your participants worth their time and plan to invite all your guests to pre- and post- wedding events.

Scent of Orchid loves creating the most informal events for you, that’s why we decided to give you some suggestions of the most popular pre and post wedding events, but the possibilities are many more: we love creating tailor-made!

1. BBQ
Enjoy a barbecue with friends and family, one of the most informal events! Try to kill the nerves of marriage the evening before the wedding with a barbecue evening that can offer guests the opportunity to relax in an informal environment free from the formalities that will then be associated with the ceremony and reception. Let’s face it, barbecue is always a hit with guests!

Let the chefs prepare a paella of your choice for all your guests to combine with a buffet of fresh salads and tortillas. Imagine this event on the shore of the lake or the sea, according to the destination you have chosen, where you and your guests can enjoy the sunset while sipping a glass of sangria. Why not add a flamenco band to complete this Spanish-style pre-wedding night?

If you are looking for something a little more formal instead, you can organize a cocktail party for your friends and your family to make the wedding celebrations last longer. A cocktail party proposal could consist of a standing dinner sipping a prosecco that ends with dancing and music. My advice, in these cases, is to provide a curfew so as not to sleep too much on the big day.

There are plenty of possibilities to organize a memorable cocktail party. You can have a theme for the event, whether for food or how you want people to be dressed. The most popular ideas concern a chromatic theme, asking everyone to dress in the same color or to dress as in the years in which the couple were born. Or why not add a cocktail bar that only serves drinks that are popular in this decade with your guests?

An excellent idea for brides and bridesmaids, a couple of days before the wedding, is a very charming and hyper glam bridal party. Organize a mini event in the Spa of the venue or in a Beauty Center booked exclusively for you and your closest friends. Enjoy massages, manicures or facials performed by professionals to achieve maximum relaxation before the wedding. While you take care of yourself, you will have your best friends by your side to help you deal with stress and nerves before marriage.

There is no better proposal than a brunch for the day after the wedding! Post-wedding brunch is usually held the day after the wedding, serving as a lunch to thank and greet your guests. Don’t do it too soon as your guests will probably be tired of the party they did the night before at your wedding reception. Moreover, it is better not to foresee it too late to leave at a reasonable time how many of your guests will want to leave the day after the wedding. This event is perfect for eating the cake left of the wedding and a thousand Italian delights the catering chefs will prepare for you and your guests.