While some couples elope just to avoid a big party, other ones still want to enjoy a party with their loved ones. After all, there are various reasons why a couple can choose to elope and it may be natural to share a festive moment with their loved ones who missed the celebration.

Regardless of your motivations for elope, here are some guidelines to follow for a post elopement reception and “etiquette” to celebrate after eloping:

– Unless you are recreating a whole ceremony, don’t mention the word wedding in the invitation. It’s better to pay attention to words, as some guests might think they are being deceived by the fact that this is not a “real” wedding. The wording “to celebrate the love between …” could be a good idea.

– Consider using your save the date also as an announcement of the elopement. Being notified of a future party at the same time as discovering your wedding will help prevent people from feeling excluded.

– There is the perception that the celebrations of just the reception are mainly a way to get presents. We know that this is not the case, but it could be a good idea to be particularly careful with your wedding register, if you choose to have one, keeping it small and not disclosing it unless requested.

– Better not to wear a wedding dress, but consider alternatives such as a cocktail dress or jumpsuit – both trendy options in 2019. A ball gown without an exchange of votes does not fit perfectly to most participants.

– The bride and groom traditionally have a toast during their reception and it is one of those customs that is particularly important in such a situation. This is a great opportunity to clarify how much you appreciate all those who have come to celebrate with you, since someone may feel hurt in not having witnessed the exchange of votes.