There are some traditional moments that happen in every wedding ceremony, and in an elopement it is not necessary to give it up: the walk to the altar, the exchange of vows, your first kiss as a married couple. And certainly these are the most tender and important traditions to follow.

But personalizing your wedding ceremony and making it special and memorable for you and your guests could mean adding an extra special moment to your elopement. These little touches will make a difference when you think about your big day.


Even if you don’t want to let yourself go to sadness on your wedding day, remember with your family or friends who are with you those who have passed, it is a lovely way to honor them, making their presence perceptible, as if they were part of this day special. Ask the officiant to ask for a moment of silence before starting the ceremony and you will make an unforgettable ceremony even more moving.


Including a reading in your marriage is a personal decision, but it is a great way to involve friends or relatives and share emotions with them to the fullest. Make sure that the people you care about share with you the reading of a favorite love poem, a blessing or a psalm. However, avoid letting them write their speeches: the wedding ceremony is not the time for toasts.


Your guests, even if they are the most intimate in an elopement, have joined you to celebrate the love you share with your future husband. I find it great to find a way with your officiant to include the story of your couple and your love in the ceremony. Just make sure you keep it short and tender, without getting bogged down in unnecessary detail.


One thing that newlyweds often forget in their anxiety that everyone is well and that that day is perfect is to enjoy every moment. The ceremony, with everyone gathered in one place, is the perfect opportunity to welcome and enjoy all those who came from outside to celebrate you two. Incorporating a break in the ceremony when you turn from husband and wife will allow you to embrace in a look all the people you care about most and you won’t have to fake the smile for the camera seeing all the love there is for you.



Whether you ask musicians to play it or ask a friend to do it with a wonderful voice, include a special song for you during your wedding ceremony: it can be a nice moment that adds a break but also an extra emotion at your ceremony. As for reading, include the song in the middle of the ceremony, like a break from all the talk about you two. It can be a favorite love song or the song of your first meeting or, if you prefer, a religious hymn. If it seems too long to incorporate it, consider reducing it to one or two favorite verses and a tour of the chorus.


Many wedding ceremonies include symbolic and special objects for the couple. In addition to wedding rings, consider using family heirlooms or mementos. If your marriage requires, for example, a single candle, ask your grandmother to borrow her candle holder. And whatever you use, if it has a special meaning, make sure the celebrant explains it to your guests: it will help you greatly personalize your ceremony.