Horizons of light between ancient classical ruins, baroque splendor and ancient mosaics in the shadow of Europe’s largest volcano, Eastern Sicily is the place where the colors of the island become warmer and more intense. A land rich in art, history and culture where you can abandon the labors and relax enjoying the experiences that help you to take your mind off and enjoy your holiday. A timeless relaxation.

Isolabella in Taormina, Sicily

Taormina, glamour between sea and theater

From here you can admire Mount Etna in all its grandeur while bathing in the regenerating waters of Isola Bella. Taormina is the glamorous destination par excellence of a trip to Sicily, at the famous Ancient Theater you can take advantage of an important program of summer shows. Built in the third century BC by the Greeks, it is one of the best preserved theaters of antiquity and still hosts international events and shows, including the Taormina Film Fest. The summer program includes performances of opera and classical music but also big names of national and international pop music. Watching a show sitting on ancient stone steps enjoying the sunset over the gulf is a cathartic experience.

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Noto, Sicily

Noto, Sicilian baroque and pastry star

The opulent and rich art of the late Sicilian Baroque finds its apotheosis here, in Noto you can lose yourself in stuccoes, plasters and finely sculpted tuff decorations, monumental staircases and very white churches. The advice is to walk with your nose up the streets of the city and see the beauty of the richly decorated balconies. Everything here takes on imaginative forms and the details are inspired by the nature or morphology of the animals.

Noto is the city that lovers of granita, cassata and cannoli choose as a pilgrimage destination. At “Caffé Sicilia” Corrado Assenza, considered one of the undisputed masters of Sicilian pastry, still prepares manually and personally all the products of the small bar in the center of the country, choosing suppliers and raw materials with painstaking care. Do not be fooled by the modest furnishings of the pastry shop, you are in the cathedral of Sicilian pastry. Enjoying its granita made only with local almonds is an experience that alone is worth the trip.

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Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina, Sicily

Roman Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina, with mosaics and love scenes

3,700 square meters of mosaics, frescoes, utensils and even spa facilities: what is surprising when you arrive at the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina is the state of conservation, in some cases almost perfect, of the colorful floor mosaics. Inserted in the World Heritage List by UNESCO, this Roman patrician house – built between the 1st and 3rd centuries – offers a glimpse into everyday life of the opulent life of Roman nobles.

A real journey through time not to be missed for all lovers of Roman history but also for families, children and beginners who want to get involved with the fascinating stories told in the mosaic cycles. Here among hunting scenes, exotic animals, geometric decorations and the famous “bikini” athletes, some details hold spicy surprises, such as the Tondo of Lovers, one of the most famous erotic scenes of antiquity.

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