Flower design service for weddings and elopements

Lush flowers organically shaped with a romantic taste

Scent of Orchid design philosophy is that any decor, including floral, should respect the place where is set, enhancing the venue and the environment rather than denature it. My design has styled around Italy, from Tuscany to Venice, fom Lake Como to Sicily, always adapting my personal style to the atmosphere of the area and the place in which to create. My team and I source local flowers as much as possible, enjoying to use foraged materials that grow naturally in the event environment. 

Scent of Orchid flower arrangements are organic with a romantic, soft and timeless look. I love to incorporate larger blooms like peonies together with more delicate flowers, to create movement within the arrangement. Scent of Orchid team arranges everything, from bridesmaids bouquets to large installations hanging from the ceiling or growing from the floor.