Choosing your bridal shoes is one of the most funny moment of the wedding planning process. Here some of my suggestions to help you finding your perfect pair of shoes!


As with anything else concerning wedding, the price of bridal shoes is something you have to decide based on how much you and your partner  want to invest in this expense. 
Of course, your wedding is an excellent excuse to give yourself the luxury of that pair of branded shoes you have been drooling over for years. 
Whatever amount you decide to spend, be sure to include the amount of the shoes in your total budget that you should have already prepared from the first steps of the planning process. 

This is the most important and complicated decision to make when it comes to choosing bridal shoes, mainly because it depends on different factors, first of all the length of the dress. You should definitely wait until you have chosen the dress before you start looking for shoes, even though most of the clothes have a standard length.
Depending on your height, the length of the dress can determine the height of the heel you should wear.
If the dress is long to the floor, when you wear the shoes, the hem should touch the floor. If the dress has a high-low hem or does not touch the floor, the heel height options are more varied.

This is a determining factor in choosing the height of the heel.
Many brides believe they have to wear high heels at all costs on their wedding day, but don’t feel that way! Your wedding is a party, you want to remember the laughs and the dances with your friends and your family, not the pain at your feet! Nowadays, many designers are making several formal versions of very flat shoes. Choose a heel height you feel comfortable with, then. If you live with heels and you feel naked wearing something else, then try it! I advise you to choose a brand that you know and love so that you know for sure that you will feel comfortable dancing and walking all day.
Whatever choice you make, I always advise you to provide a spare pair of shoes. It could save your day!


When looking for shoes, try to choose something that complements the style of your dress.
Now this does not mean that it must be exactly the same. Just because your dress is made of satin doesn’t mean your shoes have to be identical.
A common misconception is that bridal shoes should always be white or stay in similar tones: totally false!
In fact, shoes are a great detail where add a touch of color, perhaps one of your palette colors in your outfit or the touch of blue. Even metallic colors are a safe bet because they look good with everything!

It is a good idea to consider the place where the wedding will take place when choosing shoes, especially if it is outdoors.
You could fall in love with those stilettos, but the thought of having to use them for walking in the grass or in the sand can change your mind.
Some shoes lend themselves more to the outdoors than others. Flat shoes are always a great option of course, but if you need extra heel height, you can consider a wedge. Most wedges have a rather casual design but there are some formal options, although it might be a bit more difficult to find them. Big heels are another good option. They give you height and are fairly stable in most outdoor settings. If you have found the shoes that are right for you and have a heel that is not compatible with softer ground, don’t worry! There are some companies that sell heel tips. They attach to the tip of the heel and distribute the weight over a larger surface, preventing you from sinking.