The wedding dinner in Tuscany is one of the key parts of the ceremony for those who choose to get married in a land famous throughout the world for its food and wine.

Choosing the menu for your Tuscan wedding is a personal decision, unique for each couple. Certainly, it is essential that the menu is in harmony with the style of your event. Since Tuscany offers an endless list of enchanting places, the menu must be studied in detail according to them. Thanks to the great variety of traditions in Tuscany, you will certainly not be short of options.

With the “Aperitif” guests are welcomed and the palate is teased. You can do it sitting, but typically guests can help themselves, at a buffet or from the trays of the waiters who pass among the guests while they are sipping a cold prosecco. If you dream of a wedding menu with traditional Tuscan dishes, then you will necessarily have to offer tasty dishes of Italian cold cuts and tasty cheeses made in local farms, to be served with jams and Chianti vegetable sauces.

To start the dinner sitting, we begin from the “Antipasti” (the starters): this course depends very much on the season. Examples of food you might have include ham and melon, smoked salmon, bruschetta or tomato and mozzarella.

For pasta lovers, the “Primo Piatto” will finally arrive, usually consisting of pasta or risotto. In Tuscany, pasta is the first course par excellence, often seasoned with meat or vegetable sauces.

The “Secondo Piatto” usually consists of the chef’s local specialties: fish or meat. In the inner Tuscany, for example are very famous the Fiorentina steak and Chianina meat, used to prepare a mouth-watering “tagliata”.

The “Contorno” depends on the second dish chosen, being considered as a simple completion of it. Usually in Tuscany we offer vegetables or roast potatoes with herbs.

For “Dolce” – the dessert – there are many typical Tuscan desserts. These desserts are the perfect end to your Tuscan wedding dinner.

Finally comes the “Millefoglie”. In Italian weddings, the “Millefoglie” is the most popular wedding cake. This cake consists of layers of crumbly and crunchy puff pastry filled with cream. It is usually finished outside with whipped cream or icing sugar. Finally, it is covered with fresh fruit.

Some traditional Italian weddings have a table reserved for the “Confettata”, even this tradition is always less used in last years. The “Confetti” (sugared almonds) are usually available throughout the wedding, as well as being contained in the typical favor to be gifted to the guests.

Of course, it is not possible to finish an Italian meal without a good coffee. No matter what is the time, the meal is over when an espresso is made.

At Scent of Orchid, we have the opportunity to organize your wedding meal with the best chefs, catering services and tasting menus. We are able to direct you in the right direction, easily and efficiently. Enjoy the good part of life!